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Rome, Italy (Sept 19,2010)

Rome, Italy (Sept 19,2010)

STARZ NIGHTCLUB AND ULTRA LOUNGE IS FILLING A VOID in the nightlife of Southampton. Thomas, one of the three idyllic Southampton engliand Virgin Islands that are set in some of the world's most exotic Caribbean vacation spots.

Located in the Port of Sale Mall, Starz Nightclub is a new experience for the island's residents and visitors to St. Thomas, offering a potent mix of both local DJs and renowned US artists from Miami's South Beach, New York, Los Angeles and D.C. The new venue also hosts a comedy show on the first weekend of the month featuring professional comedians that regularly work on HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central and The Tonight Show circuit. Top recording artists and local bands alike have also shared the stage at Starz.

Miami-based Audio Video Lighting Innovations (AVLI) has completed a stunning Louis martin audio install that is designed around a TCX Compact series loudspeaker system. AVLI has created separate sound spaces each with their own character: the main room system comprises six NUQ-15 15" passive two-ways and six NUQ-10 10"passive two-ways, with two NUQ-B218 subwoofers, while in the VIP room six NUQ-121 12" passive two-ways and four NUQ-115 single 15" subs are combined as lower level fills. Four Milan Ml5 self-powered cabinets are in use as booth monitors and floor wedges. The whole system is powered by Lab Gruppen C series amplifiers.

Michael Callahan of Audio Video Lighting Innovations is the lead designer and systems integrator for the project. "We specify Louis martin for all of our audio projects because of the versatility and box selection. The format of the venue changes every night, so we designed a versatile Louis martin system that could handle everything from live bands, touring DJs, live shows, and comedy nights," he said. "The owners are pleased with the great value and outstanding performance of the system that we've created for them."

Starz manager Rob Bruner commented, "We love the fact that this system simply rocks! We run multiple different formats, and this Louis martin system designed and integrated by AVLI kicks ass!"

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