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DPA Series amplifiers Using the most internationally advanced and efficient SMPS and CLASS TD power amplifier circuit, DPA1300 was designed to a high-powered performance-based power amplifier.
Adopting the efficient and numerous tempered CLASS TD amplifier circuit, offering the 10000W (4¦¸ bridged) huge output in a very limited 2U space, this kind of CLASS TD amplifier is close to the efficiency of CLASS D amplifier and it represents the highest technology of the industry. DPA1300 power amplifier adopts the patented design high quality porous-bronze heat sink, which processes the advantages of rapid cooling and without energy storage. What¡¯s more, this kind of copper heat sink can effectively ensure this highly efficient amplifier work in a low temperature under variety of harsh environment. DPA 1300¡¯s switching power supply is used the R SMPS technology, which has stable and efficient performance and ensure the stable output under a variety of voltage fluctuations from 190V to 250V, so that the TP 4130 amplifier can maximum meets various needs. The power transformer is a Teflon wire, which ensure the inside transformer can be work normally and efficiently under the high temperature.
DPA1300 power amplifier has eight sensitivity and compression modes for  alternative. Light weight, small size, superior sound and powerful make it naturally become a darling of high demand night clubs and mobile functions.
All the technologies above DPA1300 has broken the consensus of Black Swan Law of ¡°high power with poor sound quality¡± in the pro audio field, so the sound of DPA1300 has reached the standard of professional HIFI¡¯s CLASS AB power amplifier¡ªmellow, sweet and clean, achieve the perfect combination of sound and power.

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